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7 Marathons in 7 days to raise more money (blog #31)

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Hi All

It's been 7 weeks since I last wrote (Is that all I hear you groan!), and its been a busy time as you may have come to expect from me. Its been a blend of presentations, humbling opportunities, holidays, hospitals and planning for whats to come.
So since I last wrote my life carried on with my Dad's funeral, it was as good a day as these things can be and I learnt so much more about what he had done for me and others in his life, a wonderful send off, I know many miss him like I do.

7 days, 7 marathons - all in the UK!

On the hospital front, I worked out I have been to a medical facility 14 times in those 7 weeks but the good news is that the wonderful NHS somehow continue to keep me going even though my time on my current drug is well over two times the average length now. So with as clean a bill of health as I am going to get nowadays I can still enjoy today and plan for a few tomorrows.

Next was off to the London marathon, sadly I didn't get my last minute slot as I hoped (but probably a good thing) so did the next best thing and went with my brother to the Prostate Cancer UK cheering stations at mile 13 and 22. We had a great day and it was quite emotional for me to see nearly 200 runners come past all raising funds for my favourite charity and cheering them on. Next year, I may try to get as many of you along as possible and we can have our own cheering station for the charity as I know what a boost it is for every runner when they hear their name called out.

Those who have suffered my emails for a while will know that the Marathon Des Sables is my favourite race, not only is it a great but challenging well organised race but it means so much to me as it was my bucket list race, the one I thought I would never do but now have done three times since having cancer. So imagine how honoured I was to have a meeting with Steve Diederich from Run Ultra (

Steve organises and looks after the 300+ runners a year who go to the race from the UK and Ireland superbly and helps create those fab memories. Not only that but Steve has agreed to make Prostate Cancer UK the UK preferred charity of choice for the 2019 event allowing me to encourage others to run with me for this great charity and speak at the London expo in October. I have already had contact from people following this and both the funds and exposure that the charity gets can only be a good thing, thank you Steve.

Moving on, I was then a guest at the Vanarama National League finals day with my brother at Wembley. This gave me the chance to present to 400 about prostate cancer, living in the now, enjoying every minute and doing things for others. I also got to walk out on the pitch at Wembley for the second time, just an amazing experience. The sad bit for me about the day however was that after I spoke a few men came up to me and told me that they had prostate cancer but had not told anyone as they were embarrassed (embarrassed about what, its not their fault!). Moreover one was quite senior in a football club who has thousands of fans, that was his chance to potentially and probably save a few lives through awareness but his embarrassment seemed more important that others health, a real shame. He clearly is not alone and I hope those of you reading this will consider what you would do if you unfortunately found yourself able to help others but doing so may be awkward, I hope you would speak out?

Sarah and I then had the most fabulous gift. A wonderful lady we used to work with , Julia Whitehead, entered a competition to win a weekend break in Sweden. Julia won the competition and told us that we could have the break. We later found out from the organisers that the reason she won was because she was the only person who entered the competition from the start for someone else. Julia absolutely is one in a million. The break was at the Treehotel in Northern Sweden, the attached photo shows you what our personal treehouse was, a UFO, it was an amazing relaxing break, Sarah and I can not thank Julia enough for what she did. Julia's action of course has inspired me to do more for others, I hope by reading this that you too may think of someone who deserves something good coming their way instigated by you.

During this month of course I needed to get back into running as future events are more run than walk which I have done of late due to injury niggles so I have been out again pounding the streets. This time without my tyre "Husky" although it sits there staring at me because somehow I think I may need it again to train for something next year.......

Coming up next week is my next event. My incredible colleagues from RBS, many who don't know me, have organised their own "Marches for Men" in aid of Prostate Cancer UK so over 100 of them joined by Michael Tattesall CEO of the National League and some of his football related buddies are walking 7 marathons in 7 working days. Only Michael, an inspirational lady called Georgie and I will be walking all 7 but for the rest just one marathon is no mean feat and will mean around 10 hours pounding the trails. I am already aware of so many others walking who have had their own personal challenge to deal with and I hope that they get as much out of the events as I will.

I overuse the words humbled, emotional and honoured but that is exactly how I feel when people do so much to help my life and the lives of others be better. I do hope that all of you who ever do anything for anyone else do feel proud of what you do and even if you don't get enough thanks I promise you kindness never goes unnoticed.

This quote seems appropriate and I chose it as I am inspired by Julia, Steve, Michael and my RBS colleagues who have done or are doing something amazing and maybe those who have not yet done a good deed recently will find a way to make it true of them too?

"There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others"

Enjoy June, I will be writing again early July (sorry!)
Thanks for reading

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