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Looking back at the MdS... and what's next!! (blog #30)

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Hi All

Well I did it although I had serious doubts after day 2 when I was feeling pretty rough. I actually finished my third consecutive Marathon Des Sables, I don't believe that anyone has done that before with any T4 metastatic cancer including my prostate cancer . I wont go through everything again as my daily updates probably bored the pants off you already save that there were many heroic stories out there and a fair few sand storms.
More importantly, thanks to your incredible generosity I have exceeded my expectations by raising over £23,000 for Prostate Cancer UK including gift aid. Words can not describe how worthwhile you make my life feel by inspiring you to support my favorite charity.

Sahara Done - so what's next then?

As you would expect if you know me however, I have not finished my years efforts in only April so next up is 7 marathons in 7 working days with some amazing colleagues from RBS in the North of England where they hope to raise over £30,000 in June. I am always so humbled when others on the back of hearing my story do something to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK as you can all do so much more than me alone. To that end if ever you are running/baking/walking/singing/anythinging and need a worthy charity cause please consider PCUK and let me know as I know great people there who I can put you in touch with to give you a boost. If you still want to support my 2018 efforts however please visit

After the 7 in 7 I am off to Al Andalus in Spain in July. This is a 5 day 230k race where last year I was beaten, timed out with 18k to go when it was 47.5c (yes hotter than the Sahara!). There is more after that too but I will save that for nearer the time.

I know that I owe many of you a personal thank you for sponsoring, emailing me here or emailing me in the desert, I will get round to you all but I have been overwhelmed by your generous support so it may take a while, sorry.
And now to the thoughtful bit, its my Dads funeral tomorrow and running alone for much of the last 6 weeks in races has given me time to reflect on my Father and the important things in life. I like to think that over recent years I have been a "better person" than before, that is not so I squeeze in through the pearly gates in due course but because I find myself loving all that is good in this world and know that I can make a difference even if only small.

So this year, like last, I set off to the MDS with not only my running kit but also with 4.5kg of kids football shirts from my son and one other kind dad to try to help someone less fortunate than us. In the end I gave them all to a lady and her young daughter plus some money I had. They had been sitting outside all day, ignored by everyone but clearly in need. Its likely that those shirts will be sold and will pay for a couple of weeks of food for them, the little girl had tears in her eyes from this tiny gesture and even put one on for a photo (see attached).
All I would ask of you is to think what small kindness you can do that will make a difference to someone, just good manners and turning the other cheek on occasions is a start but I know that we can and should do more, lecture over.

I will leave you all alone until June now (hooray I hear you all say!) by then two more blood tests for me and hopefully my friend Lloyd who is younger but worse than me with his prostate cancer will be well into his chemotherapy second time round and showing some much needed improvement, rooting for you Lloyd.

Dream big, chase those dreams and never ever ever give up

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