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Kevin is living with inoperable & effectively terminal prostate
cancer but he tries to MAKE THE MOST OF every day

Kevin Webber writes :-

"In November 2014, aged 49, I was given the news that I have effectively terminal prostate cancer and may only live as short as two years... but I'm still here in 2018 raising funds to battle the biggest cancer affecting men - prostate cancer. Please consider supporting me as I tackle some of the world's most difficult ultra marathons, in order to raise both funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK"

Kev's 'Best Before'

  • NOVEMBER 2014 : Kev is told how long he could likely expect to live
  • PRESENT DAY : Live counter shows how far he is exceeding that prognosis

Look through the eyes of Kevin Webber
who is living with terminal prostate cancer : see how he MAKES THE MOST OF every day

Kevin Webber : Warrior

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This site & all of Kevin's missions, including a self-funded documentary about Making The Most of IT, are run by a VERY small bunch of volunteers, so if you think you can and would like to help us then of course we would LOVE to hear from you!!

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Kev says "I have already had a year longer in my life than I expected, thanks to new advancements in medicine; pleas ehelp fund some more. I pay all my costs to these events so all donations go entirely to Prostate Cancer UK."

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Kev is passionate about raising the profile of his missions alongside the important role of raising awareness and funds to help erdicate prostate cancer for men in the future. He tries to comply with all media requests if possible.
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