Kevin Webber is taking the fight to prosate cancer

Instead of sitting back and waiting for the inevitable, he is battling to raise awareness and funds to help researchers find a cure; he is Making The Most of what he has...

Kev's one-man mission

Kev's History:

"In November 2014, aged 49, I was given the news that I have effectively-terminal prostate cancer and may only live as short as two years.

"After the initial shock and emotion I came to realise that what life I still have is there for living. In the time that I have I believe that I have a duty to create the best memories I can for my family and friends, whilst doing all I can to raise awareness and money for Prostate Cancer UK. This is so that my sons, brother, nephew, friends, colleagues... your sons, fathers, brothers, you and the ladies who support you in any way do not have to go through or witness a man dying of this indiscriminate disease."

Kev's 2018 Response:

"So for 2018, I set myself some serious challenges; completing the Likeys Yukon 6633 Ultra, pulling a sledge inside the Arctic Circle in temperatures below -30c; 2 weeks later to the Sahara to compete in the Marathon Des Sables for a third time. That's another 250k carrying all your supplies for the week on your back where the temperature exceeds 50c (hence the 100 degrees of separation).

"I don't believe that this has ever been done before by someone with T4 cancer and to be able to complete both events has been something that has made me proud... but also I'm determined to not stop there, so new challenges will be announced very, very soon!"

Help Find a Cure:

I have already had more than a year longer in my life than I expected to have thanks to research and improvements in cancer medicine and hope that you feel able to fund and accelerate further research stopping prostate cancer being a killer forever.

1 in 8 men in the UK will get prostate cancer, it's the biggest male cancer and a man dies every 45 minutes of it. Prostate cancer wont stop being a killer unless we all help make it so.

I have paid all my costs to these events so everything that you donate will go to Prostate Cancer UK.

Thank you

Want to Help?

This site & all of Kevin's missions, including a self-funded documentary about Making The Most of IT, are run by a VERY small bunch of volunteers, so if you think you can and would like to help us then of course we would LOVE to hear from you!!

Sponsor Kev?

Kev says "I have already had a year longer in my life than I expected, thanks to new advancements in medicine; pleas ehelp fund some more. I pay all my costs to these events so all donations go entirely to Prostate Cancer UK."

Media Enquiry?

Kev is passionate about raising the profile of his missions alongside the important role of raising awareness and funds to help erdicate prostate cancer for men in the future. He tries to comply with all media requests if possible.
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