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A REALLY brutal diagnosis & prognosis (blog #1)

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Hi Guys
I am afraid it could not have been much worse. I have Metastatic Prostate Cancer (I am in esteemed company as that is what Alvin Stardust had), I will leave you to Google it but there is no cure and they can only try to stop it for a while or slow it down, bit of a bummer.

My Diagnosis

Needless to say, I won't be in tomorrow as I have to sort out loads of stuff and arrange bits with the quacks and I also have another scan on Monday just to see how far it has gone round my other lymph nodes plus another session on Tuesday as they need the results of Mondays scan and are talking about putting me on some experimental trial drug. As you can imagine I have to get the courage to tell my family (or fess up as Che would say!) and I am not looking forward to that much as its hard enough to cope with my emotions right now let alone someone else's although Sarah has been great.
I would be grateful if you could keep this to yourselves until Monday as there are people I need to tell over the weekend who have to hear it from me first rather than 3rd hand, I am sure I can trust you in that regard but between the six of you say what you like!.
Finally, you have all been so supportive since I first told you, thank you so much, sorry to bring bad thoughts to your day, when you see me next don’t ask how I am though as I will just burst into tears. Kev

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