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Cancer, drugs, running and battling on (blog #2)

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Dear All
I just wanted to say thank you for your compassion and understanding of my personal situation. As you can imagine at a healthy 49 the last thing I expected after some minor symptoms was to be told that I may only have a few years to live so it has been a bit of a struggle to be honest to hold it together some days.

Moving Forward

The drugs I am already on have made some things tough and again I am grateful that no one has given me a hard time when I slope off around 3-00 as by then I find it almost impossible to think straight.
I am so lucky that in my situation I have been very well supported by work, Sarah my wife, family, friends and because I had the foresight to take out insurance through RBS Select (I urge all of you to consider this or an alternative next time you can) I am financially ok for now too so all I have to worry about is how I am going to get as much time in as I can.
I have no idea how long I will be off for, I may be back briefly in a couple of weeks or you may not see me for 6/9 months it just depends on how 18 weeks of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiotherapy does me in and how long I need to recover.
It’s a bit counter intuitive but my consultant continues to tell me to run all I can to stay fit as he says that whilst it may wear me out physically it will help my immune system and mentally I have to have something to look forward to when I am in the dark place that I will no doubt be in on occasions over the next few months.
With that in mind, I entered the Brighton Marathon for April 2015 long before I was diagnosed, initially I thought I would never do it and try as I have I can not find anyone who has managed it on chemo however I am going to give it a go, I may not run much and I may even do it in weekly parts walking a few hundred yards each time but I am going to get it done even if the finish gantry has been taken down months before. With this in mind, I now (unsurprisingly) have a new favourite charity and if you want and can do anything then please do, if nothing else read what I say on my page as an experience like this somewhat changes what is important in life.

Thank you all again so much, we all get frustrated with the Bank on occasions but it is times like these when one realises that both the people and the organisation are there for you when you really need it.
Have a healthy and successful 2015


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