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Off again.. not to FREEZE but to ROAST now (blog #28)

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Hi All

What a week its been, never far away from some sort of doctor but they seem happy enough to let me go. I sometimes think its because I have survived this far no one will get in trouble if it goes wrong now anyway!
A short note for a change (hooray I hear you all say!). So I fly out to the Sahara very early this Friday morning for the Marathon Des Sables, 250k self sufficient forth week. My bag is backed, it weighs 11.5kg just like the last two years . The fast racers only carry 6.5kg, I have never really worked out what the extra 5kg is on my back as I would love to carry less, I guess they don’t take cameras, ipods, coffee etc like me!

Another huge challenge looming

So after I get to Morocco Friday lunchtime it’s a 6 hour coach journey over the beautiful Atlas mountains into the desert. We spend Saturday having kit checks, medical checks and just about everything we own checked and then all we are left with is our kit and food for the week (my 11.5kg).
The race starts on Sunday. At the end of each day I can send one short email which will go to my wife and then she will try to arrange for it to be sent to you daily, either from Shirlee Davies at my work or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I will not see any replies etc until I get back to the UK though on 17th April. You can however also send emails to me that the organisers print off each evening and deliver to me in my tent.
My number (or dossard) is 658, it is very important that you quote this and my name on this link The link only goes live this Saturday and works until Friday. I would love to receive as many emails as possible, the more the better, jokes are always welcome. I cant tell you enough of what it means to get messages when I am shattered and boiling! The link also has access to everything about the Marathon Des Sables so I hope you enjoy the experience.
You can also track me as I wear a transponder so you can see where all the competitors are at any time. The races start at 9-00am each day usually , maybe one or two hours different to UK time. There is also a live web cam at the finish and each day as a tradition I do my best “Dad dancing” moves. It grows from day to day. If you are following me on the tracker there is about a 20/30 minute delay so I may be on the web cam before the tracker says I have finished! I always have a pole out the back of my backpack with a prostate cancer flag and this year a Union Jack on it so I do stick out a bit more than most.
I would not be even be contemplating being in this race if it were not for so many people, my wife and family, doctors at both The Royal Marsden and my own GP, work colleagues, Likeys ultra running shop , Steve Harding my physio, John Tindall my Chinese medicine and acupuncture man Prostate Cancer UK, friends and finally all of you who have at any time sponsored me or sent me an email as it is in reality you that dig me out of the black mental holes I find myself in at some stage most days, thank you all.
I have with your help so far raised an incredible £18,831 this time for Prostate Cancer UK, this makes a huge difference to them and I would love to see it over £20,000 when I return so if you want to, feel able to and have not yet supported this cause please visit
Thank you all for reading this, I hope that you get the chance to enjoy following me on this race to share my experience.

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