Richard A.

Richard A.

Richard is a broadcaster of over 20 years, having started his career with a camera on his shoulder he then went on to learn most other creative roles needed in the process of making film/tv - including a stint in front of the lens! More recently he has been concurrently producing a suite of long-form documentaries and is finding himself more and more involved in worthy causes like Make The Most Of It

LIVE updates compiled

This blog update is compiled of Kev's 'live' or as near as he could get during this year's Marathon des Sables

Tuesday, 23 January 2018 21:17

Kevin Webber wins Point of Light Award

Kevin is granted this prestigious award for his contributions toward raising funds in the fight against prostate cancer.

Point of Light link @ Downing Street

Tuesday, 23 January 2018 14:19

This is a test News K2 article

My last  generic  update before the big Brighton Marathon day on Sunday.
Firstly  I continue to be overwhelmed by the support I have had from everyone whilst I am going through my treatment, it has made a massive difference mentally and enabled me to put some darker thoughts to the back of my mind sometimes, I have also raised a few quid for Prostate Cancer UK along the way.

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This site & all of Kevin's missions, including a self-funded documentary about Making The Most of IT, are run by a VERY small bunch of volunteers, so if you think you can and would like to help us then of course we would LOVE to hear from you!!

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Kev says "I have already had a year longer in my life than I expected, thanks to new advancements in medicine; pleas ehelp fund some more. I pay all my costs to these events so all donations go entirely to Prostate Cancer UK."

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Kev is passionate about raising the profile of his missions alongside the important role of raising awareness and funds to help erdicate prostate cancer for men in the future. He tries to comply with all media requests if possible.
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