Take Stock of Your Life While You Still Can

Modern life is compelling & utterly addictive. Except we will often find ourselves engaged in practices, routines, ways of thinking, that don't nake us happy. So don't be afraid to change things whilst you can, to chase down your dreams.

The Inevitable

Death; the end, finito, oblivion, nothing. Almost as soon as we have thoughts, we know that we will die. When we are young we see 'old' people die, that's what they do isn't it? If we are unlucky a friend dies untimely (is there a timely time?) I remember Mavis, Ed, Simon, John to name a few. All gone before 30.

Then it's funerals, I have never been able to cope with them whether we're talking about being at my grandad's as a small boy, to most recently my mate Phil's (also untimely but at least nearer 60 than 30). The problem now is that if ever I see a coffin, anyone's coffin, even one on TV I just see myself in that box. Does that make me selfish? Cold, alone, waiting to rot or burn, neither much fun and ultimately forgotten.

What makes me saddest about my situation is not me (although I would be lying if I said that I never had any self pity) but its my family. My beautiful wife Sarah is watching me burn bright like a firework right now but just like a firework I will fade fast and then go out. She has to watch that and then deal with the sadness, the aftermath, blaming me for the little things that go wrong that I maybe forgot to do. Being scared at night when she hears a noise downstairs and can't get me to go and investigate. Then she has to deal with children. Who will do the 'dad thing' at the right time? Then there are my kids; no one to have man to man chats with, to be forgiven like only a dad can do when things go wrong and support when they need it. More jobs for Sarah!

This is not the End

I can't say how I will feel when I am going down fast. I like to think that I will be strong and still live for every day, make the most of it right to the end like the band playing on the deck as the ship sinks but for all I know that may be just bravado right now.

I do know that although I could probably be labelled as agnostic as I don't subscribe to any specific religion, I do believe that there is something there, that all living things have an energy that does not die with them. How that manifests, how it works, how to explain it further than that, well, I have no idea but I don't think its just nothing after this.

All Our Destinies

Strength & Positivity through Shared Experiences
So perhaps the only one true thing that every single human being on the planet -past, present or even in the future- has in common, is death. Maybe it is this that binds all humans together regardless of other experiences whilst they're here, whenever or wherever they lived or will live? One of the facts of life is that we all take for granted the amount of time that we have. When we're young our future stretches out in front of us like a never-ending ocean of time. Even when we're older we seem to get no closer to seeing what's over the horizon and we tend to fritter our time away, instead of doing the really important stuff. And what is the important stuff? Well, there's no easy answer to that question and for every single person it's different. But stop and take stock of your life whilst you can. Examine what makes you happy and what doesn't. Be kind. Change what you don't want and start doing what you do. Smile.

You never know what's just over the horizon.

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